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Senghor Lemon Plant seedless Malaysian


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Nimboo, Lemon ( Seedless, Imported ) Plant

Description for Nimboo, Lemon ( Seedless, Grafted )
Plant height: 30 – 40 inches
Plant spread: 10 – 15 inches

Note – 1% to 2% of fruits may contain very small sterile seeds.

Seedless lemon is a small evergreen tree. The glossy oval leaves are looks ornamental and remain dark green throughout the winter.

Plants have an upright spreading habit of growth. This is a low-maintenance plant and pruning is done after late winter.

Plants attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your Garden. It is an edible variety that produces oval-shaped juicy fruits. Plants are also used for making hedges, Screening, and edible gardens & in a container.

Common name(s): –

Flower colors: White
Bloom time: Early spring & late winter
Max reachable height: Maximum 6 to 10 ft
Difficulty to grow: Easy to moderate

Planting and care
Plants can be planted in a sunny location on the ground or in a container. It requires well-drained loamy soil rich in organic content. Grow this plant in a sunny location for better growth.

The best planting season is from June to August but if a good irrigation system is available, the plantation can be done anytime.

Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil: Well-drained loamy
Water: Moderate
Temperature: 13 to 37 degrees C
Fertilizer: Use any organic fertilizer

Caring for Nimboo

For planting in a container select a large pot with a minimum size of 18” or above.

Use well-drained soil for plantation. We recommended to you pinch off all the flower buds in the first year and let the plant grow.

Daily watering is required for this plant.

Harvest when fruits are mature on a tree.

Typical uses of Nimboo
Special features:

Culinary use: Fruits are used for culinary purposes, especially for its juices


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