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lipstick Aglaonema Plant siam aurora


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About Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Aglaonema Red Lipstick is a species of genus aglaonema categorized under Araceae plant’s family. Aglaonema is also known as Chinese evergreen. Aglaonema plants are attractive, varied, tough, drought-tolerant, low maintenance and hard to kill houseplants with colorful foliage.

Plant Specifications

Plant Height 12 inch (30 cm)
Plant Spread 6 inch (15 cm)
*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name Aglaonema Siam Aurora, Aglaonema Lipstick, Chinese Evergreen (Red)
Maximum Reachable Height up to 1.21 meter
Flower Colour Greenish-white spathe
Bloom Time Seasonal bloom.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care


  • Keep the plant indoor with bright indirect natural light or bright artifical light.
  • Protect the plant from direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the foliage.


  • The soil should be well drained and fertile for growing aglaonema plant.


  • Water the plant when the topsoil (1-2 inch) in pot feels dry to touch.
  • Do not over-water the plant.
  • Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season but do not let the plant dry out completely.

Application of Fertilizer

  • During the main growing season feed the plant with organic fertilizer once a month.
  • Loosen the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake the nutrients and moisture easily.


  • When a plant outgrows in current pot, re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizer.
  • Do the re-potting late evening and keep the plant in shady area for 2 to 3 days and then move the plant in its suitable climatic condition.

Plant Protection

  • Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants.
  • For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.


  • Do not place your plant in bright direct sunlight it can burn the leaves of plant.
  • keep away from the AC Vents.
  • Do not overwater the plant especially when pot does not have drainage holes.

Aglaonema Siam Aurora Care

Initial (1 -2 weeks ) care once the plant reaches your place:

  • Check the moisture in the soil before watering it.
  • Poke your finger into the soil, if dry then apply water.
  • Keep the plant in indirect light.
  • Do not re-pot immediately after receiving it.

Key requirements to keep plant healthy:

Sunlight bright indirect natural light or bright artificial light.
Watering Medium
Soil soil should be well-drained and fertile
Temperature 16 to 30-degree celsius
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer.

Aglaonema Siam Aurora Special Feature

Glossy dark green leaves with red edges.

Aglaonema Siam Aurora Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • This plant is used for landscaping gardening because of its beautiful variegated leaves

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aglaonema an indoor plant?

Yes, Aglaonema is an indoor plant.

Is Aglaonema air purifier?

Yes, Aglaonema is indoor air purifier according to a study conducted by NASA.

How to repot Aglaonema?

1. Repot Aglaonema plant in a bigger pot than current pot with fresh soil. 2. Take out the plant from its current pot without damaging roots, invert the pot and tap the bottom if required. 3. fill 1/3 of new pot with soil and place the plant in the center. 4. Fill the remaining pot with soil. 5. Apply water and keep the plant in indirect bright light.

How to prune Aglaonema?

Aglaonema does not require heavy pruning. The lower leaves will get yellow and get dried naturally, use clean scissors to cut such leaves. Prune any yellow or infected leave if required.

How to propagate Aglaonema plants?

Aglaonema plant can be propagated either through seeds, Stem cuttings or separating rooted plant from mother plant. Last two are most preferred methods. Take the stem cutting with 4-5 leaves or separate the root cutting from mother plant and plant in well drained soil or coco peat.

How to grow the Aglaonema plants?

Aglaonema plant requires natural indirect/artificial bright light. Apply water when soil (1-2 inch) in the pot feels dry to touch. Do not over water the plant and Protect the plant from direct sunlight, hot and cold droughts.

Can Aglaonema grow in water?

Aglaonema plant can be grown in water but it need to be trained in that way right from its propagation time.

What is the Aglaonema plant?

Aglaonema is a popular house plant also known as chinese evergreen. Perfect for indoors as it does not like direct sunlight. It shows flowering during spring and summer months. NASA has recommended this plant as an indoor air purifier.

Is Aglaonema poisonous?

Due to presence of calcium oxalate crystals Aglaonema plants are considered as poisonous.

Can red Aglaonema be planted outside?

Aglaonema plants should be protected from direct sunlight, hot and cold droughts. So they are recommended for indirect light receiving location preferably indoor one.

How to care Aglaonema plant?

Aglaonema plant requires natural indirect/artificial bright light. Apply water when soil (1-2 inch) in the pot feels dry to touch. Do not over water the plant and Protect the plant from direct sunlight, hot and cold droughts.

Do Aglaonema flower?

Yes, Aglaonema is a flowering plant and show blooming in spring to summer.

How big do Aglaonema plants grow?

Aglaonema are slow growers and may reach up to 3-4 feet in height.

How tall does Aglaonema grow?

Aglaonema can reach up to 4 feet in height.


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